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Karen N. Clister DDS

(formerly the dental office of John Wolfe DDS)

Along with routine dental care, Dr. Clister also treats TMJ, sleep apnea and is certified to safely remove mercury “silver” fillings.  She also utilizes essential oils to help relieve anxiety and whole food nutrition to feed your body essential nutrients to maintain your bodies health.  She has taken many CE courses in orthodontics and TMJ, as well as studied at the Las Vegas institute for esthetic dentistry and full mouth reconstructions. She also utilizes neuromuscular treatment of TMJ utilizing myotronics K7 equipment which helps to determine a comfortable bite or occlusion where the teeth and muscles work together.  She also diagnoses and treats sleep apnea with oral appliances for those who can’t tolerate a CPAP machine.
Karen is a member of IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, IABDM (International Academy of Biological Dental Medicine), ICCMO (International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics), ADSM (Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine). Dr. Clister was born and raised in Markleysburg, Pennsylvania; graduated from Uniontown High School, received a BS in nutrition from the University of Connecticut and received her DDS from Case Western Reserve University.  She practiced dentistry in Benton Harbor, MI for 25 years and while Lake Michigan is beautiful, the mountains started calling her back.  She and her husband, Larry Findley, moved to Hazelton, West Virginia and built a “green” home powered by wind and sun.  She is a distributor of young living essential oils and standard process nutritional supplements.

Caring For Patients

For over a decade, our practice has given patients a unique, personalized style of dentistry. Our experience and caring combine to create a comfortable, friendly atmosphere for our patients. And our innovative wellness approach to oral health includes treating the whole patient.

We understand that many dental problems aren’t just isolated to the mouth. Reviewing your overall health history allows our highly-trained professionals to identify the causes of many dental problems that may have originated in other areas of the body.

Through routine screenings, preventive maintenance, and nutritional counseling, we are able to ensure the mouth and body work together. Plus, you’ll feel great about the thoroughness of the exams. Furthermore, we offer a comprehensive list of preventive and cosmetic dental treatments for your entire family — from children to seniors!

Advanced Technologies

We’re investing in our patients by acquiring laser and computer-aided dental systems, unmatched by other dental practices in our area. With our tools, we are able to treat many dental problems ranging from cavities to gingivitis. With its precision cutting action, healthy tooth structure can be conserved causing less trauma to the tooth. This allows us to treat periodontal disease conservatively with little or minimally invasive surgery, great for children or anyone who fears needles or the drill sound.

If you suffer from headaches or popping, clicking jaws, we have advanced, computerized jaw tracking instruments to assist in realigning your bite to a more comfortable position. And snore guards, specifically designed to work independently or in conjunction with other anti-snoring devices, to help give you a good nights’ sleep.

With our advanced dental procedures, we can make your visit to our office enjoyable and relatively pain-free!

Restorative and Aesthetic Treatment

You don’t have to be a movie star to want perfect teeth or a beautiful smile. Millions of people have seen, first-hand, how cosmetic dentistry can improve their smiles and increase self-esteem.

Recessing gum line, yellow or oddly-shaped teeth, dark gray lines around your caps, many of these conditions cannot be repaired by over the counter products. With bonding, bleaching, enamel re-contouring, veneers and orthodontics; we offer a wide range of professional cosmetic improvements and reconstructions to make you look as good as you feel!

With a full range of tooth repair and reconstruction resources available, there is no reason for our patients to suffer the pain and misery of damaged teeth. Plus, we only use bio-safe, ADA-approved restoration materials to keep your teeth and body healthy for years to come!

Holistic Biological Dentistry
Biological dentistry is concerned with the whole body effects of all dental materials, techniques and procedures. It is fluoride-free, mercury-free and mercury-safe. It insists that all clinical practice be designed of components that sustain life or improve the patient’s quality of life. For the word “biological” refers to life.

Clinical awareness and science show us that what happens in the mouth is reflected in the body, and what happens in the body is reflected in the mouth. The complex, dynamic relationships of oral and systemic health within the context of the whole person are inseparable.

Biological dentistry unites the best clinical practices and technologies of Western dental medicine with a wide array of practices beyond its horizon.

Biological dentists may be general dentists, periodontists, orthodontists, oral surgeons or pedodontists. They also have extensive training in dental toxicology and specific modes of healing, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, herbology, homeopathy, iridology and energy medicine.

While it may be impossible to construct an authoritative list of protocols followed by the “typical” biological office, all share a common paradigm: treating causes of symptoms rather than symptoms toward the goal of restoring and sustaining health.

Biologic DDS also share a deep and constant belief in the Hippocratic dictate. First, do no harm. Biological dentistry is conservative dentistry. The aim is to be minimally invasive yet appropriately active.